Big Dog Construction Services Launches New Web Site!

After many sleepless nights, our NEW AND IMPROVED website is now online!

It showcases our services and portfolio of projects (stay tuned…we will fill in additional projects and descriptions in the days and weeks to come), as well as the design partners with whom we have worked.

The site features not only “Big Dog” projects, but also highlights the $1 billion in construction projects that Dave completed prior to starting our own company. This will provide a more complete picture of his impressive experience (in the humble opinion of his proud wife)! You will find bios for Dave and I, accolades, and even a link to read the fun book that we wrote together, Management Lessons from the Dog Park.

Dave now has the blog that he has wanted forever. We’ll be posting news, info about current projects, contractor tips, construction humor, and pages from our book. Be sure to check back often for updates and like us on social media at the bottom of the home page so you will see our updates.

Rhonda Rosenof, CCO (Chief Canine Officer)

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