Bianca BoieI came across Big Dog Construction Services after seeing their quality work at the Marina Offices on Williams Island, Aventura.

I met David a few days later and realized immediately what a knowledgeable and experienced professional he was, and that he was going to be a great fit for a new project I was going to start two months later. By the end of our meeting, I realized that the GC that was hired for my current project with the same client had already caused many serious setbacks that impacted the permits, timeline and ultimately my reputation!

David and Rhonda visited the site of the current project the very next day, on a late Friday night. They came prepared with a scope of work and schedules that they had drafted in less than 24 hours. I was so impressed by their professionalism that I had resorted to a move every designer tries to avoid—I terminated the contract with the GC on the current project a month before its scheduled completion. In one day, I fired one GC and hired BDCSI for what would ultimately be two projects.

After week one, I knew I found the right company and that I was going to be in good hands. It wasn’t just their quality of work, attention to details, experience and problem solving, but especially the concern and care for the site at any moment of the day. My reputation with that client was saved because of the Big Dog team.

David often guides me through situations where I need assistance in finding solutions, always staying calm and patient. He makes himself available regardless of weekends or holidays, and he is first to respond in a emergency situation.

Nine months after we met, and just weeks from completing the second project with Big Dog, I can’t say enough how grateful I am for everything Big Dog has done for my clients, my projects and myself. I couldn’t have delivered the beautiful and perfectly crafted work that I wanted for my clients if it hadn’t been for the quality of work Big Dog stands for every single time.

I am excited at all that we have achieved together and for my client, and looking forward to working with the Big Dog Family on many projects to come.

Bianca Boie, Bianca Boie Interiors