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Based on audit recommendations leading to a performance contract, energy conservation measures included a new chilled water loop and retrofit from propane to natural gas for water heaters and kitchen equipment.  Resulting energy savings will range from $8-15 million over the next 10 years. 

As Construction Manager, I utilized the information obtained by Energy Engineers to create constructability studies, estimates, schedules and site logistics and planning.



… organized, efficient, a good communicator and a team player. He seemed comfortable in a leadership role, and was assertive yet considerate in directing and managing colleagues.

Harry Ragan, Owner, JLRD


… extremely efficient, effective and organized manager of the project. He works autonomously managing each detail to ensure the project flows smoothly to completion.

Bonnie Miskel, Owner, Siegel Lipman et. al.


 … ability to see both the big picture while simultaneously staying on top of the details to make sure clients’ goals are exceeded—the right mix of high level vision and critical path problem solving to keep things moving along … excellent communicator and listener.

Mike Davila, President, JLRD