Williams Island Marina-01-96

Williams Island Marina Offices

About this project, by designer Bonnie Muxo, Design Momentum:

The Williams Island Marina Offices provide a multitude of services to the boating residents. Besides providing efficiently operated docks and supplying the yachts with a myriad of needs, the staff also provides amenities for the owners and crews.

The challenges with the raw space seemed insurmountable. With ceilings over 19 feet and the width from the window wall less than 12 feet, the acoustical challenges were similar to a cavern. To maximize the square footage, the design team proposed adding a mezzanine to this cavernous space. The result was a dramatic second story that houses the offices, business center, kitchenette and a state-of-the-art exercise facility.

The Marina Offices on the first level feature an elegant reception area, lobby and conference room, available to the yacht owners, as well as a full service catering kitchen. Adjacent to the reception and lobby area are the Dock Master’s office, staff office and executive office. Based on the many functions, acoustics were paramount.

Glass window walls, hard surface flooring and other hard surfaces, coupled with the high ceiling would have made the softest of voices bounce off the walls like high pitched screeches. QuietRock acoustical drywall and acoustical fabric-wrapped decorative panels softened the sound, as well as acoustical ceilings, window treatments, and area rugs.

The Crew Room is an entertainment lounge for ships’ crews to relax while doing laundry for the yachts in an efficient laundry room. Materials were researched and selected to create low maintenance Shower & Bathroom facilities, while providing a unique use of local, recycled materials of sea glass and sea shells to create Sea Stone for the floor and walls.

Furnishings were selected with an eye to durability and style, simulating the nautical feel of a ship. Teak millwork, including a ship’s rail, highlights the Marina offices and brings the beauty of boats inside. Tasteful art and sculpture and LED lighting throughout gave the boating community of Williams Island a functional gem that enriches their lives on a daily basis.

Dave Rosenof is the magician who made it all happen, with additional challenges of working with tenant coordinators in a condominium, delivery conditions that were a nightmare, and subcontractors that tested his patience beyond his Zen being.

Bonnie Muxo, Design Momentum