City of Pompano Beach

Various facility improvement measures were implemented on a performance contract basis, including a new chilled water plant and chilled water conversion at city hall.

As Senior Project Manager, Dave had complete responsibility for profit and loss, schedule and budget control, as well as quality assurance. He hired and managed engineers and architects and served as liaison with the owner, including communicating issues.

Installation of variable frequency drives and other upgrades at both the city’s water treatment facility and reuse plant. Water conservation measures were also implemented throughout the city, replacing toilets, urinals, flush valves and lavatories.  Installed Automatic Meter Readers (AMRs) and new water meters throughout the city to allow remote reading via radio communication. Replaced lights in all city buildings and parks, including fire and police stations, to more efficient LED or high-efficiency compact fluorescents.  A savings of $12 million in energy costs is projected over 10 years.

This work was completed while Dave was employed by Siemens Industries.

Dave’s high-level approach ensures the projects he manages are executed in a manner that is successful for both the customer and the company. He is a great team member and provided valuable insights from his 30+ years of experience in the construction industry. He is an excellent resource to have on any team.

Kalvin Kwan

Energy Engineer - Siemens