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Bianca Boie
Bianca Boie Interior Design

Bianca is a specialist in turning empty spaces and the architectural plans of large residential developments into desirable spaces presented for sale. Entrusted, via her 10-year association with Archiform 3D, with multi-family and single residential projects of up to $500M sale value, she ensures that each one has the style and desirability to bring in buyers and achieve maximum impact.

Outside of the large scale projects, Bianca is an accomplished interior designer with a portfolio in Florida and the Bahamas. Her involvement extends to both full project management and design consultation/assistance.

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I knew that that the GC that was hired for my current project had already caused setbacks that impacted not only the project, but ultimately my reputation!

I came across Big Dog after seeing their quality work at the Marina Offices on Williams Island in Aventura. David and Rhonda visited the site of my current project the very next day. I was so impressed by their professionalism that I resorted to a move every designer tries to avoid — I terminated the contract with the GC a month before the project’s scheduled completion. In one day, I fired one GC and hired Big Dog for what would ultimately be two initial projects, followed by future additional work together.

After week one, I knew I found the right company. It wasn’t just their quality of work, attention to details, experience and problem solving, but especially the concern and care for the site at any moment. My reputation was saved because of the Big Dog team. I couldn’t have delivered the beautiful and perfectly crafted work that I wanted for my clients if it hadn’t been for the quality of work Big Dog stands for every single time.

I am excited at all that we have achieved together and for my client. I look forward to working with the Big Dog Family on many projects to come.

Bianca Boie

Owner - Bianca Boie Design

ABC Lobby

Lobby makeover includes new flooring, wallpaper, lighting, and beautiful furnishings

Hallandale Beach Condo

Condo renovation including kitchen, bathrooms, flooring and patio

Runaway Bay Condo – 8th Floor

Full renovation including kitchen and bathrooms

Pompano Beach Residence

Backyard and kitchen makeover, with custom built aquarium

Runaway Bay 10th Floor

Beautiful, contemporary full condo renovation