FLA Live Arena – Sin Bin Lounge

Space that initially served as a meeting room in the BB&T Center was later repurposed to serve as the luxury Johnnie Walker Lounge, now known as the FLA Live Arena’s Sin Bin Lounge. The project’s primary challenge arose from its complex ceiling, high-end bar finishes, and the need to complete construction within an occupied building. AIA Baton Rouge, a Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, presented the 2003 Rose Award for Design Excellence to Ford/Dickinson for this project.

Dave Rosenof was selected to spearhead the project because of his relationship with the arena management team since the facility opened. In this role he selected subcontractors, sourced materials and performed onsite construction coordination.

This work was completed while Dave was employed by Centex Rooney Construction Company.

What impressed me the most was David’s intelligence and problem-solving skills. Besides that, he always had a positive viewpoint i.e., a can-do mindset for getting tasks done or solving issues.

Larry Casey

Former Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing - Centex Rooney Construction Company