Fort Lauderdale Airport – Terminal 1 Modernization

As a County Business Enterprise (CBE) partner to Hunt/Moss JV, Big Dog provided over a dozen skilled and unskilled laborers to assist in a variety of capacities, including carpentry, general conditions, filling in scope work, final cleaning, and escorting other subcontractors in restricted areas.

Big Dog also provided labor to the Lotspeich team transporting materials, installing drywall, and performing daily clean-up. At the completion of the construction, they worked with Facility Management Services Group to provide materials and installation for the waiting area furniture.

We’ve been working with Dave and Rhonda from Big Dog Construction Services for most of the Southwest Airlines project at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport. They provide semi-skilled and skilled workers for various general trades work including clean-up, escort for unbadged workers and support for work back-charged to other subcontractors.  Throughout the inevitable last-minute emergencies and curve balls thrown at them, Rhonda has been especially organized providing the manpower and documentation necessary to keep things moving.  We look forward to working with the Big Dog team again soon!

Big Dog worked as a CBE partner to Hunt/Moss JV.

Jack Newgent

Cost Control Manager - AECOM/Hunt