New Albany Country Club

The New Albany Country Club in Ohio opened with high-end amenities including a 27-hole golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus.

As Preconstruction Manager, Dave Rosenof worked with New York-based Cooper & Associates to successfully align the design with the client’s budget.

This work was completed by Dave while employed by Setterlin Construction.

Dave has been a ‘self-starter’ on all aspects of work that have been given to him. The selection of the millwork contractor is a good example of Dave’s ability to prequalify, bid and negotiate a contract. He has carried through to having finished millwork installed on the project.  His decision-making process has been sound in identifying the problem, listing the options, and recommending a solution to either the subcontractor or fellow employee. He has been well received and respected by his fellow employees.

Walt Betley

Vice President - Setterlin Construction Company